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Dye FAQ's

What is considered as a suitable swatch?

We will accept both cotton reels & material as swatches, as well as garments such as fascinators, hats, dresses, belts, dress straps, sashes and even shoes and handbags, so long as the garment is made of a fabric material & NOT made from paper, plastic or leather etc. Fabric buttons are also acceptable so long as the button is large enough. The rule of thumb to remember is the bigger the swatch the better the colour match & therefore any material swatch provided other than a garment ideally needs to be at least 5cm x 5cm.

Can you match a two tone/shot fabric?

No, if a two tone swatch is provided please specify which colour you wish the items to be dyed to on the Colour Form, as it is impossible to mimic a two-tone effect, if the fabric has more than two tones within it, we encourage you to obtain an alternative swatch with the colour you wish us to match.

Can you dye products not purchased from Elegant Steps?

Elegant Steps do not dye items purchased from other companies.

Can you dye ivory shoes to white?

We are able to dye the majority of our products to white, this will be indicated within the product description. It is impossible to dye ivory silk items to a white, if this is done to the item it may only lighten the fabric a shade or two.

Can you re-dye shoes the same colour after wearing?

If the items have been previously dyed they can only be dyed to a darker shade, i.e. black.  The application of further coats of the same colour dye can cause the dye to become patchy.  Items that been covered with a waterproof spray CANNOT be dyed or re-dyed.

What does Indoor and Outdoor lighting condition mean on the Colour Form?

Our professional colourist mixes the dye to two different lighting conditions, indoor/artificial light, and natural bright daylight, and with the presence of ultraviolet light, there can be drastic colour difference between the two lighting conditions.  This may not necessarily react to the same colour differences of your own fabric in the same lighting conditions.  It is impossible to match to both lighting conditions.  You are asked to choose the lighting condition the colour is to be mixed to.

Can you dye different brands e.g. Rainbow Club and Touch Ups the same colour?

To ensure consistency, all items for one party of the same colour should be dyed at the same time and preferably using the same company fabric brand to avoid colour variation.  If fabric from different companies is intermixed for colouring, there can be drastic colour variation between the various items.

How can I protect dyed shoes?

If the items are likely to be worn in wet weather, we recommend that a waterproof protector spray be used, which should be re-applied every 3 months, this may also help prevent colour rubbing off.  Please note that the use of a waterproof spray may prevent the items from being re-dyed again successfully also the spray may not render the dyed items 100% waterproof however it does help to guard against light exposure to damp and wet conditions.  

Can pre-worn shoes be dyed?

Yes, pre-worn shoes can be dyed, however, the dyeing process will not cover stains and scuffs, and the item may need to be cleaned prior to wearing and there is an additional charge for this service.